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My Poppy Surprise

This spring some flowers grew in a potted plant on my back deck. At first I thought they were weeds, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull them. I observed that the leaves reminded me of cilantro and I love cilantro! I figured I’d leave them a while until I had time to figure out what it was. I noticed that flower buds appeared and eventually, the flowers opened up. As I stopped to appreciate them, I realized that they opened every morning with the sun and at the end of the day, closed just before dark. They were a vibrant yellow and the petals looked so delicate. For some reason, the act of opening and closing seemed significant to me, so I took the time to look at these flowers at different times of the day, fascinated with the way they responded to the sun.
Then this weekend, it finally hit me. These flowers were not weeds! These flowers were yellow poppies! I didn’t even know yellow poppies exist! Silly me! The girls and I planted some poppy seeds in that pot last summer, but they ne…

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